Monday, September 9, 2013

Catching bugs for my class...the things I do for them...

My students are loving their insect unit! I have this plan to take my kids on a bug hunt around the school to look for bugs this week. Small problem... I went on a pre-trip on my own to see where all the bugs were. Sad discovery...there aren't any! Our school is part of a larger company next to a very nicely sculpted set of landscaping, which just so happens to get sprayed for bugs!

I decided to make sure we have some bugs to observe by finding them on my own and bringing bugs to the kids in case I can't bring the kids to the bugs when we attempt a bug hunt off the path I originally walked the other day.

In my backyard I photographed:
  • fly
  • wasp nest with wasp crawling in (not that I want it there normally, but it was handy for today's purpose)
  • aphid eggs (I think, they were small and white on the underside of leaves)
  • snail
  • spider we

I photographed and captured to bring to school: 
  • centipede
  • ants
  • roly poly bugs (pillbugs to some people)
 I will be adding these photos to my insect PowerPoint where we have be identifying and labeling various insects. The bugs themselves will be used for our observation skills lesson tomorrow. I think the kids will probably shriek when I pour out a jar of bugs into observation tubs! I'm sure Lauren will run out of the room too! My co-teacher is not a fan of bugs which is why I'm in charge of our theme this month!

This is one of the activities we did in class today. Tomorrow they will draw and label their own insects :)
This is my NEW FOSS KIT!! I'm so excited! It everything you need to study bugs! I have been making all of my own stuff thinking it would never show up, but here it is! Sadly it does not come with bug or bug mail-away coupons. Hence the bug hunt I went on in my backyard tonight! I need to go get mealworms at the store!
Have you ever used FOSS Kits? Which one is your favorite?

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