Monday, May 13, 2013

Packing Up the Classroom...

It's starting to feel very real all of a sudden! I am packing up my classroom one box at a time! I know I'm a little early...we still have 19 school days left (not that I'm counting) but I know the last 2 weeks of school are NUTS! My plan is to pack 1-2 boxes a day and then by the last week of school I can focus on clearing off the walls and wiping things down.

I find myself staring blankly at shelves! Where to I begin?! I've been teaching 3 grade levels for 4 years in the same classroom. Do you know how much STUFF that is?! Let's not forget all the stuff that got moved here from my classroom in Arizona... Oy!

First there is the sorting... Which stuff is school property? Which stuff is mine, bought with my own money that I don't want to part with? Which stuff is mine but I really don't care if it gets left behind? Which stuff will have no use to me in my new school and should get donated to new teachers in need?

Thankfully I've been working on my classroom organization and a bunch of stuff is stored in very handy little storage bins with labels that can just get dumped in the trunk of my car and taken home, then to my new school.

Okay... I'm off to pack and organize.

Are you changing grades or schools for next year? What grade are you changing to? I am going from a K-2 classroom to a 2nd-3rd class of mainly 2nd graders. Thankfully not too much of a change!

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