Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Big News! My Secret is Out! Ocean Stuff Too

Okay people, I've been about to BURST since I found out, but I wasn't able to say anything until now! Do some of you member my "Top Secret" thing I mentioned in a 5 for Friday post ages ago? Well I don't have to keep it a secret any more!

I was interviewing for a job! A former student's mom recommended me for an amazing teaching job, and I GOT IT!!

I'm moving out of the Lower Elementary Cottage! I'll still be teaching lower elementary special education, just not at this school.

No more teaching 3 grade levels at once all by myself! I'm be in a 2nd-3rd class with a co-teacher. That means only TWO grade levels, AND a cool teacher to teach it with! I met her on Friday and I'm SOO excited to work with her!

Best part... I found out we have the best class in the school! I mean the kids that is, our room happens to be the tiniest classroom! I have far too much teaching junk, so there will be some tests of my organizational skills!
Teacher appreciation week has begun! I got flowers from my kids today. The picked from the garden variety of course... Very cute! The secretary kicked me out of class and let the kids write cards for me. These are 2 of them. One amazes me, the other makes me want to cry...

First, my Genius Boy wrote me an acrostic poem using my name (without help of course). Then he did one next to it with his own name.
 Next... Please tell me you see the joke in this picture! I don't think I can write what I think it looks like on an elementary blog! I discovered it is actually supposed to be my dog!

Then comes the inside that almost made me cry! For some reason this picture won't load...It says, "For Lisa, From ___ I know your dog is dead but smile. Love, ____" (He knows my dog died last week and this is his version of a sympathy card. I told him last week I was sad but I was going to pretend I wasn't by smiling anyway).

Our ocean unit started last week. Today's story was Manatee Winter and I taught the kids how to write a mini research report based on information we learned from the story. Tomorrow the kids will start writing their own research reports using the mini-books I made last week. There is a whole series of these books and I LOVE them! They make learning non-fiction information feel like a story book. It's PERFECT for the little guys!

PS~ Don't forget the TPT Sale!!
Graphics by Zip-a-dee-do-dah Designs!

I just finished my latest clip art set! This is my BIGGEST one yet! It has 74 images!! This one is posted now, but if you buy it during the sale, you can redownload it for more images later. I wanted you to get the best price possible during the sale! I have at least 3-4 more images I'll be adding to the set (6-8 if you count line art for each). You can get it right here ON SALE!!

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