Friday, May 3, 2013

Five for Friday!

Oh Friday, how I've missed you!

This was one of those weeks that involved me saying, "It's only TUESDAY?!"

 Ok so here are 5 random adventures in my life this week:

1) My new collaborative special ed blog has a name!! It is called A Special Sparkle! I'm super excited about the name. I made up a couple versions and this was a unanimous winner between the contributors and my other blogging buddies! Be on the look out for when it is up and running. Currently we are working on the blog design!

2) I teach a genius! No joke, I think he is honestly the smartest kid I have ever taught. Mom still needs to take him for formal testing to get his IQ, but I know it's going to be high. This was his "free time" activity after he finished his second grade level math. This kid is in KINDERGARTEN! I did not help him AT ALL. Not only did he create and solve this math problem, but he was also able to tell me that .5 is equivalent to 1/2. Then he proceeded to create 20 more math problems in the same level of difficulty and answer them all correctly. He's FIVE!!

My other kinder boy decided he should join and created fact families with his math free time.

3) We are learning about oceans now and one kid brought in a magazine called ChickaDEE. It's apparently a Canadian magazine, but it was perfect timing. The boys sat there reading about different ocean animals together. Too cute!

4) I suddenly have social life! After nothing to do most of the winter, I suddenly have a million places to be and people to hang out with lately! I think it's the gorgeous weather here in CA that has us all making up excuses to hang out! This is me with my friend Nancy last night. Forgive my squinty eyes, this is what happens when a teacher stays out until 10 on a school night! I know I'm wild and crazy staying out until ten! Hahaha! I'm on the right. Nancy is my CrossFit buddy. It's nice to have a girl in what can be a very manly gym some days.

 5) We're down to 23 school days and 3 staff days this year! I feel like this time of year has a mix of lasting forever and time flying by! I find myself counting the days until it's over. Then I find myself rushing around to get everything done because there just isn't enough time! There is sooo much to do and so many random adventure days mixed in like field day, grandparents day (yesterday), end of the year testing days, etc. Busy, busy, busy! I'm happy my kids have hit a nice little groove where they don't need much direction, and just get their stuff done. It's my favorite part of the year where all my hard work pays off.

Okay, now my question for you...have you ever been part of a collaborative blog? How often do/did you put a post on that blog?

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