Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ocean Animal Reports

My kids are doing soooo well on their ocean reports! Honestly I'm a little shocked at how amazing they are doing. I know the spelling is terrible on some of them, but they have been doing THE WHOLE THING on their own. I help them find the right page for the information sometimes, but that's it. They are doing the rest on their own.

It's their first research project and I must say, I'm impressed! They are loving it! I'm trying to decide if they should do the same thing with a new animal, or if I should squeeze in one more science unit before the year is over so they can do a different kind of non-fiction project.

This is the sea turtle book my kiddo used:

A Kindergartner: Sea Turtle Report
Both sharks and racoons eat sea turtles. Crabs eat baby turtles.
It eats seaweed, crab, and jellyfish.
They lay eggs on land.

First Grader: Octopus Report

This is one of the books he used. This series is amazing! They have them for all sorts of animals and it's written like a story book instead of a text book, so it's easy for kids to understand basic concepts about the animals.

Do you want to do this project with your class? Click here to pick up the project in my TPT store.

Do you do research projects with your class?

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