Saturday, November 24, 2012

My 30% Off Sale Starts Now! I bought a Cameo to Prepare!

With all these fabulous blog sales happening, I had visions of excessive amounts of cutting in my future. My hands were starting to have nightmares... even my best squishy handled scissors are no match for the amount of holiday centers I'll be laminating this month. So I realized Black Friday was the best time to take one last look at the Cameo prices, and whadaya know?! They are the cheapest ever!! So I bought one on Amazon and thanks to Prime, it will be here on Tuesday!

Now what you've all been waiting for...My biggest sale ever!! Everything in my TN Shop is 30% OFF!!! Added bonus: TN is chipping in an extra 10% off on top of that! Ok, I teach kindergarten so I'm not swearing by this number, but I'm pretty sure it works out to 37% off everything in my store (their discount is applied to my reduced prices). Just click the image below to go directly to my shop!

 I made this banner using graphics from KPM Doodles, just one of many amazing shops on Teachers Notebook!

Two *NEW* items in my shop:
Social Skills Reminder Posters! Full Color and Black & White included for 30 different posters! That makes 60 in all!
 Beginning Money Centers! Great way to start learning money for K-1, or review for 2nd grade.
Most Popular Items:

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Common Core Math Records. These have always been a big hit! They are available for K-3 in Math, and K-2 in Language Arts. These are checklists of all the Common Core standards written in easy-to-read "I can..." statements. Great for showing parents what the kids can do. I like to use them each quarter to show progress over time.
Kindergarten Common Core Math Record

1st Grade Common Core Math Record
 Social Skills Reminder Cards: These are a mini version of my new posters. They can be used individually or placed on a ring for students to keep on their desk.
Social Skills Reminder Cards
 Do you prefer to shop on TPT? All of these items will be on sale in my TPT store starting Monday. Be warned, my discount drops to 20% off if you wait until Monday! Shop early to save more! Click the image below to go straight to my TPT store.
 Button by Ashley Hughes

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