Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gingerbread Week Day 3 with FREEBIE

Today's book was The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett. The kids loved it, and started to see the pattern of the story having little "windows" in the margins to see what else is happening in the background of the story, such as the boy making the gingerbread house.

When we were finished the kids read my emergent reader "Gingerbread Friends" and the corresponding sequencing activity. I love that they are getting to be such great emergent readers that I can walk away and get something else ready while they read together. So much progress since the first day of school when the youngest ones couldn't read a single word!

Next we made our own gingerbread man out of construction paper and foam shapes (squares, circles, ovals, etc.). The kids traced the gingerbread outline onto brown construction paper, then cut it out. Next they put on foam shape stickers to give it a face, feet, etc. I saw this on Pinterest, but I couldn't find the printable, so I made one! When the kids were done, they had to count each shape and label write the number on the correct line. If you don't have foam shapes, you can draw the shapes on the board as examples, then have the students draw them with crayons or markers. I'll take pics of ours tomorrow. I was rushing out the door today. You can download the freebie below!
Gingerbread Man image from KPM Doodles
For those nice enough to nominate me for a Liebster... I got nominated 4 times I think, maybe even 5 ;) I'll work on answering more of your questions this weekend! It's nice to have so many people think of me for the nomination!


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