Friday, November 30, 2012

Freebie Friday Gingerbread Style!

Thursday was day 4 of Gingerbread Week! We did The Gingerbread Cowboy which was actually a gift from the Arizona governor a few years ago when I taught out there in the desert...random fact, I know. The kids just can't get enough of gingerbread week! One kid asked if he could bring his gingerbread train to share as a snack. Sure! I love that idea! Why not?!

Next we made a chart to compare the different features of each gingerbread story (who made him, what was used to decorate him, who chased him, and who ate him/her if anyone).

The other day I posted this freebie, but not the craft that went with it. So here is a pic of our project, plus a repost of my gingerbread freebies this week in case you missed them.

Here is the *freebie* shapes/counting page that went with it.
I also posted this little goodie on Monday if you missed it. It works for K-2 and all my students benefited from it, even the older ones.
Image from fabulous KPM Doodles
If you'd like the rest of my kinder gingerbread stuff, you can find it in my TPT store. It has 2 emergent readers, 2 matching sequencing activities, 2 character maps (gingerbread and fox), and a coloring/following directions page.

My extra little tidbit of the day was teaching capacity. My little guys were given 1 cube and asked to predict how many of them it would take to fill up various measuring cups, and real cups. I even stole a cup from a kid's lunch box so I'd have a big one to use for the activity. Hehehe. He loved using his own cup. My kids were rocking the academic vocabulary! Estimate, measure, compare... They got it! Yay! I love kindergarten sponges! They learn everything!

PS~ Thank you to all of you who made my TPT store a big success during the big sale! I'm almost to 100 TPT store followers!

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