Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our students think we're crazy...really crazy :)

Yep, we are down right crazy according to not one, not two, but at least 4 of the 8 students who were at school today! Hahahaha!! Every morning there is a writing prompt on the SmartBoard and the kids put their stuff away and start working on them as soon as they get to school. I was feeling silly, and I wanted to see what they'd say about us so today's prompt was "My teachers..."

These are two of their responses:
"My teachers are [cuckoo] because they walk in doing the [cuckoo] dance. The silly way." The illustration shows us dancing at the front of the room and the kids laughing at their desks. In all fairness...this may have actually happened this morning... Classrooms without teachers randomly busting into dance moves are just no fun :)

This is the next one:
"My teachers are crazy." I am the one on the left with the really long hair and the pink face. The teacher who used to have my job, and pops by often to help us out and just say hello, is the one in the middle who has been turned into the devil (they love her, I think they were just being silly). Lauren, my co-teacher, is the one on the right with the crazy hair! In all fairness, Lauren has some crazy curls! In fact, she'll correct children who draw her without wild curls :)
Today the kids were wacky to say the least! I'm choosing to look at the fun part of our day and forget about the rest!

Lauren and I left after school and went to the gym before coming back to work to plop ourselves on the floor of the front office reading 50 page files for each of our students. It was a great way to think about ways to help them this year! We meant to do it ages ago, but things have been so nutty in the first 3 weeks of school that today was our first day to really do it and make it focused instead of rushed.

Also, I actually like to review them after getting to know the kids a little more. It makes it more meaningful when I can apply the things I'm reading to the behaviors I've seen in class.

When do you review student files?

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