Friday, February 8, 2013

Genius Students and a Traveling Teacher

So I should be in California in my classroom getting ready for the day right now. But I'm not! I'm sitting at Starbucks in Colorado next to my best friend as she gets some work done before our fun day/night! Awesomeness!

There were multiple rough moments this week and I am grateful for the extra day off. Plus, I have the best sub our school uses and I have no concerns about what's going on. Although, I did leave the number of the school counselor in case the kids go crazy...again.

Have any of you ever taught a genius student?? I don't mean, just a little gifted, but exceptionally so! I have one little guy in kindergarten that I legitimately have no clue how I'm going to teach him for the next 2 years! His maturity is right there with your typical 5 year old (or perhaps younger), but his brain is light-years ahead!

Yesterday Genius Boy was staring at another kid's paper (distracted as usual) and saw that the kid wrote 90-100=70. Don't ask how that kid got that answer, he clearly was not paying attention because this kid can do math. Anyway... Genius Boy says to him "You did it wrong! The answer to that would be negative 10." I was mesmerized by this, and asked "How did you come up with that?" and his response was "Well I know 90-90=0 and 10 less than zero is -10." SERIOUSLY?! What the hell am I going to do with this kid for 3 years?! I'm going on 6 months and I'm already teaching him from the 2nd grade material in KINDERGARTEN! And he's zipping through it!

The rest of the boys in kindergarten are trying to count to 100 and working on some skip counting, and Genius Boy is doing 2 digit subtraction with regrouping in his head and correctly explaining negative numbers.
Oh, if you haven't already seen this, it's the best subtraction poem ever for remembering to regroup or not. I know it's on my Pinterest page. This is me doing it from memory, I think there may be an extra line or two I left off.
More on top,
no need to stop!

More on the floor,
go next door
get 10 more!

Numbers the same,
zero's the game!

Ok, time for pictures! My little guys loved the Addition Valentine Puzzles I made. Here is a pic of them putting them together on the floor.

Next up is a pic of how I was teaching skip counting. I had the kids color the 100 chart, then use counting bears to hop over numbers as they said them.

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