Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eww! Gross! Was the theme of my class today...

Yep, you read correctly "EWW!! GROSS!" was today's theme. Not on purpose of course...

Prepare yourself...this is icky...and funny... as long as you aren't me today.

First up:

My kids all have personal goals! I put them on their behavior point sheets and they change as needed as the kids grow and learn. It's meant to help them grow in a way specific to them. For example, one kid had "talk and play with friends" because he's not very social. Today's new goal for kid was "Don't pick your nose." I'm not kidding! I'm sure I could have been more positive and written "keep your finger out of your nose" but I was already grossed out by the time I wrote it. I caught him 6 times in 15 minutes! When he told his mom at the end of the day he was laughing, and thankfully so was she. I discovered she has the same issue, so she was happy.

2nd grossness (that actually was just plain funny):

Do you know what air pooping is? I sure didn't, until now!
So I was finishing a conversation with a student who just got back from San Diego, and about to read for story time. Then all of a sudden I hear put, put, put that was clearly a long loud, sputtering fart. I laughed and asked "____ did you just toot?!" because he was in his own world acting like nothing happened. Then out of no where, another boy chimes in with, "NO!! HE AIR POOPED! I air poop too!" And farting boy replies with, "Yeah, I tooted! I air pooped!" Oh geez... I had to explain that it's called farting and "tooting" is a polite way of saying it. Oh the things I teach!

Last and Grossest of All:

A student had a tantrum to the point of making himself throw up on my floor! Shockingly, this has never happened to me at this school. I didn't even know what the procedure was for this! I have such a small classroom that the kids have ALWAYS made it to the toilet or trash can in time. I called the office and both the regular ladies were gone for the day. Our business manager lady very nicely came and helped me finish cleaning it up and Lysoling the floor.

Today was just a mess! I'm sure there was some sort of learning involved today, but I can barely remember what it was because of all the screaming and yelling in my room today. Not one, but two kids were in a tizzy for very odd reasons. This made for a VERY loud class because we were trying to talk over them until they calmed down. Plus, add in the social unawareness of a kid with autism and you get me being interrupted 8 million times in the chaos. Tomorrow will be better...

Things we accomplished for sure:
  • Reading, writing, math (these are always my core things we must finish, social studies and science are a bonus on bad days in SPED)
  • We made very sweet "We love you and we'll miss you" cards for my school roommate AKA the speech teacher. She's one of my closest friends at work and sometimes the only grownup I talk to all day. She's SUPER pregnant and about to pop, so today was her last day. I had the kids all make her cards to say (temporary) goodbye. I'm going to miss her SOOOOOO much! I hope the temporary speech sub is just as friendly!
  • I got my new Valentine Addition puzzles laminated and cut out ready to use (when tomorrow is better)
  • We are ALMOST done with our 5 Senses in the 4 Seasons books! Two kids even made their covers today! I'll post pics soon!
This is me trying to find the sunshine on an otherwise dark day! Tomorrow will be better. It has to be better! Or at least less gross!


  1. Wow! What a day you had! A few weeks ago I had a student come up to me and say, "Mrs. Esco-- (insert vomit sound here)" all over the floor, right in front of me! YUCK! That had never happened to me and I tried to keep calm and not show her how much I was gagging from the scent. lol. I hope that never happens again. Air pooping? Sounds like it smells badly! hehehe.


  2. Oh my gosh - what a day, Lisa!!! I did laugh at the stories, but was feeling for ya!
    Smiles - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  3. I'm with you. I got two of my 4 year olds off the bus this morning with dirty pants. What a great way to start the day with my "not quite ready for potty training" blessings!

    Isn't it fun!


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