Sunday, October 28, 2012

Letter T Craft & Other Adventures

I haven't posted in 4 days!!! That's a record for me. Does that tell you what kind of week it's been? Okay, so in a nutshell we've: finished our Pocket Books, Worked on Letter T, had SF Giants Day, and I did a Warrior Dash on Sunday. Read on for the full details!
My Pumpkin, Bats, and Spiders! Oh My! Numbers to 10 is on sale from now until Halloween for 20% off! (I've also tossed in a few of my hidden gems into the sale pile too!) If you like to plan ahead, my brand new Thanksgiving Numbers to 30 Hands-on Centers is now available in my TPT store. I'm only 13 followers away from my 100th Follower Giveaway and I'll be giving away the Thanksgiving Centers to the winner, along with other great prizes from awesome bloggers.
This week the kinder boys were learning the letter T and they loved it. One of their favorite projects was the T Trees! They kept the kids entertained for sooo long and it made me see how far these kids have come since I met them on the first day of school. They traced the T pattern without any help, which never would have happened last month! Then, without prompting, they colored (relatively) in the lines! I loved that the kids each turned them into fruit trees. Too cute! I had an apple tree, a lemon tree, and an orange tree. They looked so cute that I put them up on the Star Work board along with their apple projects. I thought fruit trees were a perfect addition to the board!

My kids also finished their Halloween and Night Creatures Pocket Books. They turned out great and the parents were quite impressed with them. I had this grand idea to take pictures of the complete books, but that never happened. I had one boy who had a TERRIBLE week, and it made my days extra challenging. Then I lost my prep period on 2 of the days this week. I was barely keeping up! The 2nd graders made really cute koala's out of paper to go with the koala facts they learned. It even had a cute little pouch :0)

Friday was San Francisco Giants Day at our school. That is our "home team" and they made it to the World Series, so the school decided to celebrate with a hot dog BBQ. Everyone wore orange and black to school. This was especially tricky for my kid who wears his clothes in rainbow order! Orange is Tuesday, and Green is his Friday color. He managed to break his routine to be like the other kids in his class. I was proud of him, and mom was a little shocked too! During lunch the door to the teacher's lounge was open and I was the only one in there. One of my boys saw me working and asked if he could come in because he had something for me. He took one of the hot dog buns from the BBQ area and brought it to me because he thought I might be hungry. Such a sweetie! I love how kids think it's totally normal to just eat a bun with nothing in it. Haha!

This week my kids also did lots of Halloween themed activities. One of them was this great ABC matching ghost game I got as a freebie through my blog hopping. Sorry, but I have no idea which blog it came from, but I know it can be found on the From the Pond linky for the Halloween Ghosts. This is another activity that caused a fit at the beginning of the year, but the kids did with ease this week. Matching upper and lowercase letters used to be so much harder. I like that these are black and white so I just printed them on regular paper and gave the boys the set to take home when they were done with the activity.

 Last, but far from least... I was in a Warrior Dash yesterday! So much muddy fun! I have a friend from high school who became very overweight in the last few years. He was on a mission to get healthier and do this obstacle course run and I happily joined in. He lost 150 pounds!! Isn't that amazing! We had sooo much fun! I really want to go again next year! Have a laugh at our "before" and "after" pics!
I'm the girl on the far right
My shoes, medal, and race bib. They all came clean with a hose!

I'm on the far left

I looks gross, but it was soooo much fun (I'm on the far left)

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