Monday, June 4, 2012

Theme Pockets

This school year I really embraced the use of theme pockets in my classroom. We learn a lot from our science and social studies text books, but it doesn't have the same impact as hands-on projects. A while back I fell in love with the Famous Americans Theme Pocket book and I've used it many times. This year I have used several others including St. Patrick's Day, Community, and Dinosaurs (my latest). The dinosaurs unit was an end of the year project since we've completed all of the necessary science standards (my kids LOVE science and we breeze through the concepts). All of these pockets we made by Evan-Moor but I'm thinking next year I might try to make some of my own, especially my kindergarten kids. I was thinking of making a theme pocket book for letters, perhaps a "Vowel Book" and a few other categories. Here are a few pictures of the Dinosaur pocket book that my kids just finished. I love the way this student turned the "i" in "dinosaurs" into a volcano!
Sorry this is sideways, I tried to turn it 3 times. Looks like my dinosaurs like to be crooked :)

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