Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer vacation is coming to an end...

I've reached the end of my very short 3 week summer vacation! It my final weekend of freedom before I head back to school for a teacher training week. Everyone thinks it's great my kids don't start until Labor Day, but let's not forget the 5 weeks I worked in summer school.

I'm actually looking forward to training week! I have a day or two to work in my room and get things done. My class is already set up, so it's plenty of time for planning and making new name tags for my 2 new little guys who are joining our classroom.

Lauren and I jumped right into co-teaching together and it worked great during summer school. Now we just need to clarify how we are adjusting things for the longer school days.

I had these great ambitions of doing tons of planning with my curriculum....but that never happened! I needed a mental break after all of the excitement and work that went into changing schools this summer. Plus my sister is getting married and I had a whole pile of bridesmaid duties the last couple of weeks.

Don't you worry, as soon as I get settled into the new school year, I'm sure there will be tons of new things to share with you! I know I have several kiddos who could use some extra special creations to make school life a little easier for them!

Did you start school already?

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